Flaming Raving. Beach Bums. Dancing Queens.

For the first time in this entire trip – I actually know where I will be for the next 9 days.

I’m booked to stay on two different Thai islands across the next ten days.  If last night is any indication of how the next week will go, I’m going to need to go to a third island to detox after this trip is over.

Last night started out mellow enough with a nice sunset and expensive happy hour beers ($1.60).  It was somewhere around this time that I realized the pictures I had been taking for the last hour were just distant memories and that I didn’t have a memory card in my camera.



Later in the evening, I stumbled across a pub crawl.  One of their stops is a ladyboy cabaret show.

Dancing Queens


Sometime after that we went to a beach bar with two tables setup in the water and children playing with fire.


I ended the night around 3:30 AM after this beach rave slowly started to die out.







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