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At first I had planned to type out the fact that I was a former Healthcare IT professional turned traveler, but after some thought I realized that I wasn’t very professional I’ve been a traveler for as long as I can remember.

At first it was just the occasional trip from A to B using my Delta flight benefits. Later, it was one-night trips to Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, and a host of other places – sometimes to see a cool band play, other times just to roam around.  All of this was based in the USA though, and after a while this wasn’t enough.  Eventually I did a study abroad program in Scotland, which served as a great launching point to fly into all of the other Western European countries I wanted to see.  Not content with Europe, in graduate school I created an internship learning Spanish and moved down to Argentina.  Somehow at graduation I ended up with a job in Ukraine touring most of the former Soviet Union for work.  After that, my job in healthcare had me living at the airport.  I traveled regularly to a half-dozen US cities and averaged more than a trip per week during my final year with Epic.

And now?  Although this wasn’t the plan when I quit my job, perhaps it was always meant to be.  I’ve got a one way ticket to SouthEast Asia, a 35L backpack, and the idea that eventually, somewhere, at some point, I’ll come “home” (or at least figure out where it is).

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Can you post a link to what backpack specifically you picked up? I’m interested to see what you’ll be living out of for who knows how long.

  2. I don’t know if my comment is in moderator or was deleted, so I’ll post again:

    Can you post a link to the actual backpack? I’m interested to know what you’ll be living out of, for who knows how long.

    • Apparently all three of the comments were pending my approval – something that I didn’t realize was happening.

      Backpacks – I’ve actually got a couple options and am hoping to pack and settle on them in the next few days. I’ve got a 65L bag, but I think it’s too big and I most likely won’t take it. I’ve got a 35L bag that I think is the right size, but after walking around with it for a while I think that the back of the frame falls on a weird spot on my back so I may return it and find something with an adjustable frame. I’ll have to make a decision in the next two days.

  3. Hey Michael, Just heard of your new “job” (I haven’t talked to you Mom in a while). With my new job I haven’t had a chance to get back to Argentine. I will be following your blog – great so far!!!

    • Thanks Roy – last I heard from my mom you’ve bounced around a little bit. Not surprisingly, I have made it back to Argentina a few times since I met you there. Always a good meal down there. You may have caught me at the tail-end of this job…I’m at a crossroads of sorts currently and winding down.

  4. Hi Michael. Was in touch with your Dad. We were best buddies a long time ago on Long Island. We just recently communicated on facebook. He told me what you are doing and gave me your blog address. Love what your doing.

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