Moto-Cyclin’: Day 2

On the road again…  I think that’s an old song or something right?

Today, after I finish writing this and pack, I leave for a ~220km ride down the coast from Quy Nhon to Nah Trang. From what I’ve read the ride is absolutely gorgeous.  Based on the map I’m looking at, about half of the ride is along coastal roads – aka I’ll have a bathroom along the entire route.  The trip itself should have somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5 hours, as conditions allow.  One condition I’m slightly concerned about today – rain.  “Isolated Thunderstorms” scare me.  Hopefully they leave me alone.  In the meantime, my backpack will be wearing its full rain-jacket.


2 thoughts on “Moto-Cyclin’: Day 2

  1. Eh…the camera bag stays in the compartment under the seat…which is held down by the bungies and the backpack. It’s really just iPhone pictures while on the bike unless something REALLY incredible comes up.

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