Moto-Cyclin’: Day 2 – Complete

Good news – I’m alive.

I’ve arrived in Nha Trang.  The city is famous for …it’s beach.  Naturally I’m again without sunscreen due to the nature of physics and a nasty pothole on a bridge.  My small bottle of sunscreen and a bottle of water popped right out of my cup holder and onto the road.  Fortunately it’s overcast here.  Also – it’s a beach town, so surely I can find some more.

As for the ride here – about 5 hours and my shoulders are hurting a bit.  The road to here was like going through every part of the USA.  Mountains, beach, plains, and farms.  I think that tomorrow I’ll be driving to a place that is up in the mountains, so I’m quite excited after my initial drive through them today.  Some pictures I snapped with my phone are below.  So is the route.




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