A Month of Thailand – In Video Form

As I’m nearing the end of my time traveling around Thailand, it only made sense that I took all of the video I’ve been collecting and put it into a video montage again.

(Personally I wouldn’t call this my best work – but I either had too much video for a 4 minute video or not really quite enough for 7.


5 thoughts on “A Month of Thailand – In Video Form

  1. Great video Mike. Thanks for posting. Can we see more pictures of you?… Get someone to get some when you are dancing… Be safe. Love you, Mama.

  2. Oh yah and you should get a lifeproof case for your phone so you can film some cool ish underwater.. i had one in BVI and it worked great

    • If I stuck around to do my Dive Master certification I was probably going to buy a Canon S100 and the waterproof case for it. I have no idea what sort of depth rating those phone cases are good for underwater though, so I’ll have to see if it would even hold up.

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