Cambodia – According to my iPhone

In addition to my ‘fancy’ camera, I find myself using my iPhone to take many spontaneous pictures throughout my travels.  The following is a collection of pictures and accompanying stories about Cambodia – seen through the lens of my iPhone.


Siem Reap at night.  This was taken from the rooftop bar of one of the taller buildings in town.  The band here that night was playing terrible renditions of Jimi Hendrix songs and the drinks were weak.  They did have a few pool tables that were free though.


Sunrise.  Angkor Wat.  Doesn’t need much of an explanation, but to get here for this you have to leave your hostel by 4:45am.  Also, the view actually looks better before the sunrise happens and the clouds are still an orange or purple haze.



This bar seems to have a rotating selection of signs.  There was one a day before that was sports themed.  This is one of the many 50 cent draft beer all day places in Siem Reap.



I’m pretty sure that this will be funny to me no matter how old I am.  I’m not actually sure how much tickets are for the motor boat, or if you have to buy them in pairs.






I found a coffee shop with fast internet in Siem Reap.  Old habits die hard.



This will take a much longer time to explain.  Leaving Sihanoukville and going to Siem Reap, I purchased a ticket for the “night bus” that would take 10 hours.  Apparently the “night bus” is also a style of bus.  Specifically, in addition to taking you to your destination at night, it’s also a sleeper bus.  It looks comfortable right?  That space you see below is for TWO people.  Yes two.  So, say you’re like me and you purchase one ticket…that means that you’re going to have a neighbor in that space.  In my case I lucked out and had a friendly Swedish girl to sleep next to for the night, but it just as easily could have been a 6’6″ German or a smelly Russian.  At 5’7″ I barely had room to extend my legs the entire way.



The bill below was the detailed receipt for two people (me and a friend) for 2 or 3 nights in a beachside bungalow.  I can’t really remember how long we were there because each day sort of blended into the next.



Multi-purpose shower + bathroom.  This was one of four at the place that had the beachside bungalows.  Note the large red bucket – you can either splash water out of a bucket on your ass when you’re done, or use the short hose on the left side to shoot water on your ass.  Or you can just take a shower.



Speaking of showers – this was the shower (cold water only) that was in my room the first night on Koh Rong island.  The walls were just waterproof siding tacked into the plywood walls that made up the bathroom.



My $12 a night room at the hostel I stayed at my first night on Koh Rong.  I didn’t need much convincing to find somewhere else for the rest of the stay.  The pink thing is the mosquito net.



There were kittens and puppies all over the island.  This is actually a good sign, because it means you aren’t eating kitten or puppy.



On Koh Rong, when they say “Fried Egg”, they really do mean Fried.  Was actually a pretty good breakfast.



A monk.  A monk with an iPad mini.  A monk with an iPad mini using it to take a picture of his monk friend (off screen).



As I understand it, for $35,000 you can purchase a 5 year lease on this land, and then pay $450 a month for the building to do whatever you want with it.  Personally I say the hell with trying to rent it out and run a bar – just live there for 5 years for the $27,000 in rent.



Yep, that’s the beach.



Had Greek food one day for lunch.  I assumed that this pita came with french fries on the side, but instead they were in the actual wrap.



No Take Photo Here.



Sitting at the bar drinking 50 cent beers.



I’m pretty sure that this was the best email response she got all week.




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