Things get more interesting today.

I had hoped to have all of my pictures of Hoi An up by this morning, but I decided to sleep more instead.

I leave soon, hopefully in the next 40 minutes or so, on a motorcycle (scooter) ride down the coast of Vietnam.  Today should last about 3 hours – give or take traffic conditions and how fast I actually go.  I’ll be traveling from Hoi An to Qui Nhon on and off the main highway of Vietnam.  The plan is to leave early each day I have to ride to hopefully avoid the majority of the trucks and cars that make driving in Vietnam fun.

Also – Hoi An is awesome.   I have two suits on the very slow boat back to America – 3-4 months delivery time.  I’ll post pictures of them, and everything else in Hoi An, once I get to Qui Nhon later today.


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