One Week Later

One of the questions I’ve gotten a lot lately is, “How is retirement?”  While I certainly haven’t retired, today marks one full week since I left my job at Epic.  So how has it been?  In a word – busy.  Getting ready to travel for any extended amount of time requires a lot of work; here’s a short list of the things I’ve had to deal with this week:

  • Updating the address of every bank/utility/bill/ect
  • Updating my car insurance to reflect that the car is going to be sitting for 10 days at a time and not being used
  • Getting travel insurance
  • Packing
  • Getting “technologically” ready (laptop, camera, storage, website, dropbox accounts, ect)
  • Visa paperwork
  • Ensuring that various ATM and Credit Cards have the PINs I think they do and won’t expire in the middle of the trip

I’ll elaborate on some of these details more in the future, but for now I’ll just say this: Planning Purposefully Unplanned Travel starts with ‘Planning’.


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