Expat Life in Taiwan

I suppose that after four months of being in Taiwan, I’ve more than crossed the line between traveler and expatriate.  At some point I’ll have to look at my passport, because I think I’ve been living here almost as long as I lived in Argentina.  Living here for this long has given me the ability to really dig in and learn about the in’s-and-out’s of daily life in a small section of Taipei.  Below are a series of observations and stories.

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Taiwan: In case of accidental sunshine – break glass

My time in Taiwan hasn’t been constant doom and gloom; there may have even been a three day period where  it didn’t rain at all.  That said, even when it’s not raining in Taiwan there is moisture in the air – at least in late summer.  The average high temperature in August is 91F (34C) and the average low is 80F (27C), but that’s only half the story; in actuality that’s 91 degrees with a 50% chance of thunderstorm and a 100% chance of ungodly humidity.  So, in case of an emergency and the sun does come out – what’s a guy to do?

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