Sunken Ships and Broken Things

“You’ve got to dive this wreck,” Greg says, gushing enthusiastically about the Yongala, “it’s one of the best wreck sites in the world.  Get in touch with YongalaDive and they’ll hook you up with everything you need.”  Thus begins the story of the time I went diving around a shipwreck over 100 years old off the east coast of Australia.  I met Greg at my hostel in Singapore.  He’s from Australia, lives in Indonesia running a dive shop, but happens to be in Singapore on his way to the Philippines where he’s spending a month island hopping and diving.  Greg clearly knows his diving – I write down ‘YongalaDive’ in my notebook with the intention of checking into the company once I reach Australia.  A few weeks later my teeth are clattering and my body shivering – 25 meters below water in a 5mm wetsuit submerged in 72 degree water and cursing Greg …and myself.

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