Everything Ends – Part IV: Australia

For years I had wanted to go to Australia.  Twice I planned to fly into Sydney for New Years Eve, and twice those plans fell through.  When I started this trip, I knew there was always a possibility that I’d end up in Australia, but I knew there were so many reasons why I shouldn’t go.  Who goes to Australia in the winter?  Do they even have a winter?  Where do you go after flying all the way down there?  Eventually I found the answer to all of those questions and more.

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On Mooloolaba, on Noosa, and Rainbow Beach

For the last week I’ve been slowly  traveling north along the eastern coast of Queensland.  For those who failed Geography, Queensland is one of Australia’s states …and is three times the size of Texas.  The coast is known specifically for its numerous beaches that create a surfer’s paradise.  In fact, they even named a town Surfer’s Paradise.

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